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BAI KAKAJI range of preforms include specifically for mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, edible oils. The versatility & wide range combined with highest quality standards and unsurpassed service levels to fulfill the needs of customers worldwide. Our purchasing power allows us to distribute preforms of all shapes and sizes at a highly competitive price for manufactures both large and small. PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is polyester of PTA. PET exist in two forms amorphous and semi crystalline. Third form crystalline is very less common.

Preform is manufactured with injection molding. We provide transparent, wear-resisting and corrosion-resisting plastics with high strength and smooth finish PET PREFORMS, it is widely used for PET bottles of mineral water, juice, edible oil, pharmaceuticals, etc. A remarkable transformation takes place when injection molded PET is stretched at the right temperatures and to the right extent. The long chains undergo strain-hardening and strain-induced crystallization, which gives the properly-made PET bottle exceptional clarity, resistance to internal pressure, uniform wall thickness, toughness, and a host of other features. To achieve these useful properties, we take care of choosing the right grade of resin, as well as the right process and parameters, and good molding practices.


Pet Preforms made from the HUSKY & ASB
Material - Aspet, Relpet
Packing - 20 KG Per Bag/Box


1] CRYSTAL CLEAR: Products look good, pure and healthy. Sparkling PET bottles attract attention. Brilliant glass-clear presentation of your products.

2] PURE: Products taste good. PET complies with international food contact regulations.

3] SAFE: PET bottles will be tough and virtually unbreakable during production, storage and transportation. If they do fail, they split, not shatter. Their high impact and tensile strength makes them ideal for carbonated products.

4] RECYCLABLE: Excellent environmental profile due to single material. Used PET bottles can be washed, granulated into flakes and reshaped as PET bottles or employed as material for strapping, carpeting, fiber filling, etc. Specially designed thick-wall bottles can be washed, refilled and reused. PET is made from the same three elements (carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen) as paper, and contains no toxic substances. When burned, it produces carbon dioxide gas and water, leaving no toxic residues.


1 8.7 200 28 Water Preform
2 9.5 200 28 Water Preform
3 10.8 300 28 Water Preform
4 12.7 500 28 Water Preform
5 11.3 200 28 Soda Preform
6 13.5 300 28 Soda Preform
7 13.5 500 28 Water Preform
8 15.4 500 28 Water Preform
9 18.4 1000 28 Water Preform
10 19.4 1000 28 Water Preform
11 19.6 1000 28 Water Preform
12 19.8 1000 28 Water Preform
13 20 1000 28 Water Preform
14 20.2 1000 28 Water Preform
15 20.5 1000 28 Water Preform
16 21.2 1000 28 Water Preform
17 23.7 1000 28 Water Preform
18 31.85 2000 28 Water Preform
19 34 2000 28 Water Preform
20 84 5LTR 46 Water Preform
21 695 20LTR 55 Water Preform
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