Bai-Kakaji Polymers Pvt. Ltd. - Leading Pet Preform, CSD Closure, Alaska Closure & BT Cap manufacturers in India


What happens when two geniuses join hands? Obviously, the duo synergises to fabricate everything awe-inspiring. So is the story, of the coming together of Husky and Bai Kakaji polymers. In 2013, the founders of Bai Kakaji polymers were still determining if they could find partners who were our match in passion for delivering the best. With our determination to be uncompromising, we employed thorough research to partner with some of the best providers of industrial solutions.

In a similar attempt, in 2016, Bai Kakaji polymers partnered with Husky and made our first Husky procurement. By and by, our relationship grew. To date, we’ve procured five mid-volume output systems from Husky, which skyrocketed our production capabilities to 11,000 metric tonnes of PET preforms per year and made sure that none of our clients has to face any delay. Husky’s advanced engineering abled us to deliver smooth, flash-free, tailless, dust-free, leak-proof uniformly thick-walled preforms with high clarity, superior quality, and near-zero rejection. Also, we became the first and only in India to produce the lightest in the country preforms and bottles with the ultra-lightweight Alaska neck finish.

According to Husky, Bai Kakaji is the topmost seller of products made using their equipment amongst all their clients. In reciprocation, Husky systems have been an essential part of Bai Kakji Polymer’s endeavours to reach and stay on top in the region.


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